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13 Jul 2012

2012 Target to ensure no-one spends a Second Night Out

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The 2012 Olympics originally marked the deadline for ending rough sleeping in London but numbers are rising, forcing charities to create new ways of tackling the problem. The BBC News report of how No Second Night Out and other organisations are tackling rough sleeping in the capital.

Petra Salva, recognises people doubt how realistic the target is but says it is the right ambition. “The initiative has put the urgency back into tackling rough sleeping,” she says. The government now plans to roll out the scheme across the UK.

Meanwhile, rumours have spread that the authorities are trying to move people on as the Olympics approach. Homeless Link’s Matt Harrison said he only knew about activities taking place as part of the long-term strategy. Both Westminster Council and the Metropolitan Police said they were not aware of such measures.

Petra Salva also disputes the rumour. “If it was just about clearing the streets all the effort and investment would be going into this a few weeks beforehand. Energy, effort and money has been invested into ending rough sleeping for some years and will continue after the Games,” she says. “It’s hard to say whether the Olympics will have any direct impact on the numbers of homeless but it has stimulated the drive to do something about the problem.”

Read the full BBC News article here


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