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29 Jun 2012

70% off all new rough sleepers did not spend a second night out in 2011/12

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Figures released today by the homelessness charity Broadway Homelessness show that in 2011/12 the total number of people seen sleeping on the streets of London rose to 5,678, a 43% increase on the previous year. 

In the CHAIN Street to Home Report show that 3,825 people slept rough for the first time in London, 2,696 (70%) of whom spent only one night on the streets. This is an important figure given the Mayor’s pledge that no-one new to the streets should spend a second night sleeping rough.

The number of people seen just once has increased by 69%, compared to 2010/11. ‘No Second Night Out’ means that new rough sleepers are more likely to get the help they need straight away and avoid spending a second night on the streets; 1,402 people attended the new No Second Night Out assessment hub and of these people 1,127 (80%) were not seen roughsleeping again.

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