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New CHAIN Greater London annual report released

St Mungo’s is urging the government to follow through on their manifesto pledge to end rough sleeping and tackle homelessness, as the latest CHAIN report revealed that 8,108 people were seen rough sleeping in London in 2016-17.The figure is about the same as the previous year, when 8,096 people were found by outreach workers across.. read more →

Housing crisis threatens a million families with eviction by 2020

Report shows combination of low wages, freezes to benefits and rising costs of renting could cause more than 1 million households to become homeless. More than a million households living in private rented accommodation are at risk of becoming homeless by 2020 because of rising rents, benefit freezes and a lack of social housing, according.. read more →

Homeless Link: What the election result means for our sector

Published on Homeless Link 9th June 2017 While the dust is still settling on the 2017 election, and a number of things will only become clear in the coming days, we have compiled a summary of what we know so far, and the potential implications for our members. With one seat left to declare in the.. read more →

Faye’s April blog

Why did you choose to work at NSNO? I had been working in the private sector for ten years and for some time I had been thinking about wanting more meaningful work. I don’t think you can live in London and not be conscious of homelessness. I’d always worked in the centre of town and.. read more →

Government is in danger of causing irreparable damage to homeless services

The Government is in danger of causing irreparable damage to supported housing for homeless people said St Mungo’s today as the charity launched its new campaign, Save Hostels Rebuild Lives. St Mungo’s is asking people to sign a petition that urges the Government to think again on plans that will reform the way that hostels for homeless.. read more →

Government considering plans to expand Housing First approach

A radical plan to end the scourge of rough sleeping by placing homeless people in permanent housing before they have conquered problems such as alcohol abuse, drug addiction and mental illness is being considered by Theresa May’s government, following successful trials in UK cities and abroad. In what would amount to a revolution in policy,.. read more →

New benefit cut puts young people at risk of homelessness

St Mungo’s response The government has announced new benefit regulations that will restrict many young people aged 18-21 from claiming support for their housing costs through Universal Credit. Howard Sinclair, Chief Executive, said in response to the announcement: “At a time when rough sleeping is rising sharply, these regulations threaten to undermine efforts to prevent.. read more →

Rough sleepers exposed to mental health ‘crisis’ on London streets

Story via London News Online The spiralling homelessness crisis is London’s most shameful open secret. It is not the ‘silent killer’ of air pollution or the after-dark threat of knife crime. We are faced with its devastating effects in plain sight every day. But while the statistics continue to shock and appal – the number.. read more →

London councils put £45m into property fund

The fund is a partnership between social impact investment company Resonance and homelessness charity St Mungo’s to buy homes that can be let to the charity. Three London councils have bought into a property fund buying homes that can be let to a charity. The fund is a partnership between social impact investment company Resonance.. read more →

St Mungo’s rough sleeper teams respond to freezing weather

With freezing weather moving in across the country over the next few days, St Mungo’s teams are redoubling efforts to help people rough sleeping off the streets and into emergency accommodation as temperatures become life-threatening. When the temperature is forecast to drop below zero for three consecutive nights, local councils activate what’s called a SWEP.. read more →