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Housing crisis drives more than 1m private tenants deeper into poverty

Lack of social housing and rise in universal credit sanctions hit low-income families hardest, report warns More than a million vulnerable people on low incomes are being driven deeper into poverty after being shunted into the private rental sector due to an acute shortage of social accommodation. A report commissioned by the Nationwide Foundation, an independent charity,.. read more →

How are coordinated responses meeting the needs of women?

The MEAM coalition, AVA, Agenda and St Mungo’s are pleased to publish Jumping through hoops: How are coordinated responses to multiple disadvantage meeting the needs of women? Across the country, local areas are developing better coordinated responses for individuals facing multiple disadvantage. Many are part of the national MEAM Approach network or the Big Lottery Fund’s Fulfilling Lives programme. The.. read more →

‘No DSS’: Five leading letting agents risk breaking discrimination law

Five of England’s leading letting agents actively discriminate against tenants on housing benefit, according to anew report by Shelter and the National Housing Federation (NHF). In an undercover investigation carried out by Mystery Shoppers Ltd. 149 regional letting agent branches were called by researchers posing as prospective tenants. A shocking one in ten had a branch policy not to let to anyone on.. read more →

New research exposes factors that lead to people returning to sleeping rough

Today, St Mungo’s publishes peer led research outlining reasons why some people can find themselves sleeping rough after time away the streets. The research team – many of whom had experienced homelessness and rough sleeping themselves – uncovered a range of interacting factors that stop people moving on from rough sleeping. Their report also emphasises the need.. read more →

Mayor launches new help for rough sleepers

Mayor warns levels are still at crisis point in London and demands Government action Sadiq announces plan to double number of outreach workers and offer more help for rough sleepers with an extra £3.3 million he has secured from Ministers Mayor warns problem has been allowed to spiral out of control and publishes new Plan.. read more →

New CHAIN Greater London annual report released

St Mungo’s is urging the government to follow through on their manifesto pledge to end rough sleeping and tackle homelessness, as the latest CHAIN report revealed that 8,108 people were seen rough sleeping in London in 2016-17.The figure is about the same as the previous year, when 8,096 people were found by outreach workers across.. read more →

Housing crisis threatens a million families with eviction by 2020

Report shows combination of low wages, freezes to benefits and rising costs of renting could cause more than 1 million households to become homeless. More than a million households living in private rented accommodation are at risk of becoming homeless by 2020 because of rising rents, benefit freezes and a lack of social housing, according.. read more →

Homeless Link: What the election result means for our sector

Published on Homeless Link 9th June 2017 While the dust is still settling on the 2017 election, and a number of things will only become clear in the coming days, we have compiled a summary of what we know so far, and the potential implications for our members. With one seat left to declare in the.. read more →

Government is in danger of causing irreparable damage to homeless services

The Government is in danger of causing irreparable damage to supported housing for homeless people said St Mungo’s today as the charity launched its new campaign, Save Hostels Rebuild Lives. St Mungo’s is asking people to sign a petition that urges the Government to think again on plans that will reform the way that hostels for homeless.. read more →

Government considering plans to expand Housing First approach

A radical plan to end the scourge of rough sleeping by placing homeless people in permanent housing before they have conquered problems such as alcohol abuse, drug addiction and mental illness is being considered by Theresa May’s government, following successful trials in UK cities and abroad. In what would amount to a revolution in policy,.. read more →