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How the cuts in funding are affecting homelessness services

Homeless Link has recently surveyed 500 accommodation and day centres in England and have published their findings about how the cuts are impacting the homelessness sector. Commenting on the findings Matt Harrison, Interim Chief Executive of Homeless Link, said: “Cuts are causing fewer homeless people to get jobs and homes. This in turn is blocking-up services,.. read more →

NSNO Volunteers win Team London Star Award

  Zeeshan Haque, NSNO volunteer with Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor.   No Second Night Out volunteers recently received the Mayor of London’s Certificate of thanks, the Team London Star certificate. The Team London Star is awarded to volunteers who regularly contribute their time and skills to the city to make it a better place.  Zeeshan.. read more →

14% increase in the number of households accepted for homelessness help in England last year

Housing Minister Grant Shapps today said new figures, showing a 14 per cent increase in the number of households accepted for homelessness help in England last year. Read more read more →

Homeless Link Respond to Daily Mail online article claiming that homelessness did not exist

Homeless Link wrote a letter to the Mail Online after an article was published which claimed that homelessness figures were being exaggerated. Read more read more →

St Mungos say focus must be to ensure people are not ‘stuck’ on the streets

Charles Fraser, St Mungo’s Chief Executive, said: “Homelessness and migration are inextricably linked, and without a coherent approach to helping people leave the streets behind them – through a combination of assertive outreach work, the No Second Night Out initiative, and emergency housing - we will continue to see people stuck on the streets whilst their.. read more →

NSNO ‘potentially life-saving’

BBC News report on Housing Minister, Grant Schapps’, response to the local authority rough sleeping figures released today. Schapps commented “With Liverpool now signed up to adopt the potentially life-saving ‘No Second Night Out’ commitment pioneered in London, and other major cities making plans, in future no-one should ever spend more than one night on.. read more →

Crisis shocked at 23% rise in rough sleeping

Shocked by the 23% rise in official figures for rough sleeping, Crisis is pressing for law change to make sure local councils help anyone facing homelessness. Read more. read more →

Rough sleeping increased by 23% in England

Grant Shapps issued his warning alongside a pledge of £18.5 million to provide advice and information for those at risk of homelessness. It comes as the latest statistics for England published today show the number of people sleeping rough increased by 23 per cent since last year. Read more. read more →

Inside Housing Celebrate NSNO Success

Rough sleepers who attended a No Second Night Out ‘hub’ in London were significantly less likely to return to sleeping on the streets than those who didn’t, according to a six-month report on the project…read more read more →

Public are encouraged to call refferal line

The Independent’s Jack Hewson blogs about whether the public should be giving money to the homeless. For millennia people have given to beggars in the street. Money being placed in an outstretched hand is a defining mental image of charity. Yet late last month housing minister Grant Shapps appeared to call for an end to.. read more →