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Local authorities need to up their game and provide consistent, knowledgeable support for homeless people seeking help

This is a story of two very different men connected by the disquieting similarity in their experiences of seeking housing assistance from local authorities. Both describe with bemusement journeys that involve taking numbered tickets from machines, waiting in queues, finding it is the wrong queue, being given lists of addresses with telephone numbers that don’t.. read more →

‘Tackling homelessness is not just about tackling rough sleeping’

Howard Sinclair is Chief Executive of Broadway Homelessness, writing in The Spectator, he outlines what the GLA and Major of London are doing to prevent people rough sleeping in London.  I can be the first to criticise the Greater London Authority and indeed the Government for lack of provision. However, both locally and nationally the.. read more →

Homeless Link launch a new vision paper – ‘A Place to Call Your Home’

Homeless Link is to present the government with a manifesto outlining how to tackle homelessness over the next 10 years. By 2016 the report calls for the government to introduce incentives to ensure that people leaving agencies are provided with the necessary support. It also asks that a reconnection service is available in every region.. read more →

Rise in rough sleeping increased for second year in a row

The number of people rough sleeping has gone up by 31 per cent in the past two years, according to government statistics released today. Communities and Local Government department figures show the number of rough sleepers in a single-night snapshot in autumn 2012 was 2,309 up from 1,768 in autumn 2010. This year’s figure was.. read more →

No Second Night Out schemes nationwide handed £3.6 million

Housing minister Mark Prisk announced today 23 charities would receive grants totalling £3.6 million to launch no second night initiatives in their areas. Mr Prisk said: ‘We have some of the strongest protections in the world against homelessness, and key to this is our £20 million investment to extend no second night out across the.. read more →

22 communities will be awarded grants totalling £3,600,000 to help ensure that no-one spends a second night on the street

Housing Minister Mark Prisk announces more grants to expand the roll out No Second Night Out nationwide, he said: “We have some of the strongest protections in the world against homelessness, and key to this is our £20 million investment to extend No Second Night Out across the country. “Nobody should have to face a second.. read more →

Homelessness charities stretched to breaking point

The fall in the number of long-term rough sleepers in many areas is just one of the many successes. The adoption of ‘No Second Night Out’ by over 30 communities across England has ensured that new rough sleepers are getting helped more quickly than ever before. But this isn’t just about money – it’s also.. read more →

New hotline which enables members of the public to connect with local advice and services

Like nearly half of all adults (according to research recently carried out by Homeless Link, the umbrella organisation for rough sleeping charities), I feel guilty when I see a rough sleeper, but I struggle with the perennial problem: you give money, you know it might well go on drugs or drink. So you do nothing;.. read more →

The Pavement magazine interviews NSNO Director

Petra Salva, argued services must redouble their efforts if they are ever to reach the target. “The number of people living on the street has hugely declined because of efforts of all agencies involved,” she told The Pavement. “Our commitment must not dwindle. If anything I think we need to double our efforts.” Salva said.. read more →

The rise and rise of rough sleeping in London

This sounds a bit like a common problem you get with crime stats – they sometimes look worse as a result of the police doing their job better. But that doesn’t mean the problem of rough sleeping is lessening. At the very least it suggests that the full extent of it is becoming more apparent... read more →