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Faye’s April blog

Why did you choose to work at NSNO? I had been working in the private sector for ten years and for some time I had been thinking about wanting more meaningful work. I don’t think you can live in London and not be conscious of homelessness. I’d always worked in the centre of town and.. read more →

Kelly’s December blog

My name is Kelly and I am a volunteer at the NSNO hub in West London, and have been for the past month. A month doesn’t sound that long but I’ve committed to 3 days a week so it feels like I’ve been volunteering for quite a while already. I’m volunteering because I really want.. read more →

Alice’s August blog

Shocked by rough sleeping figures in London My motivation for wanting to volunteer for a homelessness organisation in London was prompted after taking part in the Crisis at Christmas carol service in 2013 and finding out how sharply rough sleeping had risen in the capital over that past year. The figures really shocked me and.. read more →

Annabel’s June Blog

A day in the life of an Assessment and Reconnection Worker   9am I start my shift on a high note when Ashley tells me that he has been accepted to a local authority’s hostel while he awaits permanent accommodation.  Like many of our clients, Ashley had been part of the ‘hidden homeless’ community before.. read more →

Mark’s May blog

An interview with Assessment and Reconnection Worker Mark about what it’s like to work at No Second Night Out. What’s a typical day at work like for you? There’s really no such thing! One day I might be in Scotland assisting a client to make a homelessness application at Housing Options – the next day.. read more →

Tahmina’s Christmas blog

NSNO Assessment and Reconnection Worker Tahmina shares her experience of working at an NSNO assessment hub on Christmas day   An unusually quiet night at NSNO It was Christmas night, and all was quiet in the hub.  Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. That’s how my night shift at Christmas felt, being.. read more →

TJ’s December Blog

Last month I arrived at the front doors of the No Second Night Out assessment hub in West London. I was let in by one of the friendly staff and ushered through to a large assessment room waiting area, where people were dotted all around, some resting and others walking around, drinking tea, chatting and.. read more →

Dan’s December Blog

Dan Olney, deputy director of No Second Night Out (NSNO), talks about the success of the NSNO project as well as the difficulties it faces helping people new to rough sleeping away from London’s streets … No Second Night Out (NSNO) is an essential service that helps new rough sleepers off the streets and into.. read more →

Tessa’s November Blog

  Volunteering gives you more than just money – it’s a good-natured way to offer your time and skills Organisations must be responsive and helpful to interested volunteers or they will lose them! The No Second Night Out bi-monthly Volunteers Evening gives interested people the chance to find out more about what they can do to.. read more →

Franzi’s August Blog

Read Franzi’s account of her role as an Assessment and Reconnection worker at our West Assessment Centre. ‘When I graduated from University the world was my Oyster! So it seemed anyway with a desirable degree in pocket – but none of the jobs out there really interested me and I was not looking forward to.. read more →