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Amy’s July Blog

Volunteering at NSNO has been the most rewarding and eye-opening experience and I feel privileged to have been a part of this essential project. I would encourage everyone to volunteer at NSNO, to gain an insight into homelessness, and to support those in need.  One of the best things about volunteering at NSNO is that.. read more →

Ruth’s June Blog

Hello.  I’ve written a blog for NSNO before, so thought I’d try a slightly different theme for this one: getting started. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re thinking about volunteering.  Maybe in the homeless sector and maybe even for NSNO.  So far so good. I met up with an old colleague the other.. read more →

Teresa – ‘Why I volunteer at NSNO’

I moved from New York City to London chasing ‘life experience.’  The vision was to gain new work experiences abroad and to fill my personal time with mini-adventures across Europe (for as long as time and budgets allow).  When the fun or learning stopped I would be back on the next plane back to New.. read more →

Charlotte’s January Blog

I’ve been volunteering for NSNO since July of last year, and I do one four hour shift in the North Hub every fortnight. I started volunteering because when you live in London, homelessness is such an obvious, visible problem. I see a handful of homeless people just walking from home to the tube in the morning... read more →

Ruth’s November Blog

Hi.  I’m Ruth and I’m a volunteer at the West Hub for NSNO.  I’ve been volunteering there since September. For my blog, I wanted to chat about what a shift involves. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, and are wondering if you should come and join us, this will give you some insight into how straightforward and.. read more →

Elinor – ‘Why I volunteer at NSNO’

I’ve volunteered for around 14 months for NSNO. I do a fortnightly shift on the helpline. Why do I volunteer? Firstly, NSNO makes it really easy. Evening and weekend shifts are exactly what works for me, and what NSNO needs. And they are very flexible about changing dates. A lot of organisations are looking for.. read more →

Caroline – ‘Why I volunteer at NSNO’

When No Second Night Out approached Crisis Volunteers for help I jumped at the chance and I was one of the first group of volunteers to work on the line. I have been a volunteer at Crisis for Christmas since moving to London 5 years ago. It helped me reconcile the fact that you simply.. read more →

Beth’s September Blog

Volunteering at No Second Night Out has continuously surprised me, as you can never know who you are going to meet or what situation you might face when taking a person’s details over the phone.  I am currently at University so have volunteered a few shifts a week during my summer holidays. It has truly.. read more →

Paul’s August Volunteer Blog

At 7.30am I am onboard the train from Northampton down to London Euston. It’s a little quieter this week on the train after the last few weeks of the Olympics! It is always a very pleasant journey each Saturday morning; getting you into a relaxed mood to begin your day and the shift on the.. read more →

Volunteer Thank You

Dear Petra, I hope you are well. I have been very busy, as I am sure you are too, and I nearly forgot to send this belated thank you. At the moment I am volunteering as a Communications Assistant at Crisis and I am a Research Volunteer at Broadway. I cannot believe how lucky I.. read more →