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“Without exaggeration, it has changed my life. I didn’t particularly like my previous job in the commercial  sector, and through volunteering I found something that I was actually passionate about.”


Volunteering is officially good for you.  According to a study carried out by the University of Wales, being a volunteer can help you to feel good about yourself and it can even lead to living a longer, healthier life. No Second Night Out has a team of  assessment hub volunteers who give up their precious free time on a regular basis to support us in our goal to end rough sleeping on the streets of London.  Are those people motivated to volunteer for the feel-good factor and a better shot at living to a ripe old age?  It would be ridiculous to think that any of our volunteers give up their time in the hopes it will make them feel bad, but it’s also clear to us that our volunteers are driven by a whole range of things that aren’t in any way related to personal reward.

In fact, you could say that it’s the exact opposite; that it’s about our volunteers looking outside themselves.  When we talk to potential new volunteers, almost without exception, they express a desire to use whatever skills and abilities they have to give back to their city and their community by helping people who are going through a tough time.  And, in many ways, it doesn’t get much tougher than finding yourself at a point in your life where you believe you have nowhere to turn and no option but to try and make a bed for yourself on the streets.

But, for our volunteers it isn’t simply a case of just accepting the problem exists, many also want to understand why some people still suffer the misfortune of having to sleep rough. We’re all living through fairly austere times, but surely, in a city as rich as 21st century London rough sleeping shouldn’t have to happen, should it?

Volunteers are extremely important for NSNO team, and they often shoulder the burden of doing lots of the more general tasks in and around the assessment hubs. This leaves the project staff free to get on with the business of properly understanding each clients needs, then secure accommodation and also connect up with the services they might need to ensure they are able to remain there in the long term.  Volunteers are also an extra support for the people who come to the hub; sometimes simply having  a chat and a hot drink whilst staff work on their case helps people through a difficult time in their lives.

It goes without saying that, as a project, we appreciate and are humbled by the contribution every single one of our volunteers makes.

Assessment Hub Volunteers

Assessment Hub Volunteers will assist and support  the assessment and reconnection team working with clients who have been newly referred to the No Second Night Out hubs. Shifts include a variety of tasks and are available at a time to suit each volunteer. For more information about the Assessment Hub Volunteer role click here.

Housing Pathway Volunteers

Housing Pathway Team Volunteers will support the work of the Housing Pathway Advisors to secure accommodation for clients in the privately rented sector. This will involve helping clients search for properties online, complete forms and make email or phone call enquiries about properties. Volunteers will also be asked to accompany clients to staging post accommodation from the hubs.

StreetLink Volunteers

If you are interested in enquiring about the availability of volunteer roles within the StreetLink team please email

Anyone across England who is concerned about a rough sleeper can tell us about them via the StreetLink website, or by calling the 24/7 StreetLink team.  Our volunteers support the Street Link team by taking calls on the 24 hour StreetLink phoneline, processing rough sleeper referrals made via the StreetLink website, following up on voice and email messages and contacting members of the public to let them know what has happened as a result of their referral.