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07 Jun 2013

Just because an alarming number of homeless people die young, doesn’t mean we should get used to it

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Jeremy Swain, Chief Executive of homelessness charity Thames Reach, blogs about how people within the homeless sector can almost become immune to death on the streets.

…there is a danger that the familiar ritual of attending another funeral means we become immune to the gravity of a life ended early. Recently some of us working with people who have suffered frequent bouts of homelessness (I strive to avoid lurching into using the generic term ‘the homeless’ as if we are describing a tribe or ethnic group, rather than a debilitating experience) have become uncomfortable with the way we seem to accept this apparently inexorable cull of vulnerable individuals. Gnawing away at us is, I believe, unease that we have become too acquiescent of such deaths, too ready to rationalise them as part of the job and not demanding enough in wishing to investigate more systematically how people have died and whether some deaths can be prevented.

Click here to read the full article in Inside Housing

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