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15 Dec 2016

Kelly’s December blog

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My name is Kelly and I am a volunteer at the NSNO hub in West London, and have been for the past month. A month doesn’t sound that long but I’ve committed to 3 days a week so it feels like I’ve been volunteering for quite a while already.

I’m volunteering because I really want to work in the homelessness sector, in a job where I’m able to help people. I’m eager to learn the role of Assessment and Reconnection Worker as this is a job I’d really like to have in the future.

My motivation for doing this type of work is that I have personal experience of being homeless. I’ve experienced the types of problems that sleeping rough entails, and the feelings that go with the day to day grind of very simple tasks like showering and eating, which today I try not to take for granted.

Having turned my life around 16 months ago, I found that I have a real passion for helping people that find themselves in similar situations to the one I once found myself in. I believe that if I was able to turn my life around with the right support then so can anybody with a little direction, support and self-belief.

Since I’ve started volunteering at the NSNO hub I have been helping with many different tasks, everything from keeping the office clean and tidy, answering the intercom and letting clients in and out of the hub to helping staff members with actions on clients cases, making and taking telephone calls, and interacting with the clients in the hub.

I’d say the part I enjoy the most about the role is just talking with the people who have been brought into the hub after being found rough sleeping somewhere in London. Ultimately that’s why I’m here volunteering – to help make the people in the hub feel supported and involved in their own lives. I really want to see the people in the hub do well.

Most recently I’ve been decorating the hub for Christmas. Christmas is hard for people, especially when they don’t have their families around them. I’ve experienced that which is why I felt we should make the hub as festive as possible.

I would recommend volunteering at No Second Night Out to anybody that has a passion and willingness to help people. I love being at the hub and I find it very rewarding.

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