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Calls to Shelter advice phone line on the increase

Charity Shelter have seen a rise in the number of calls from Londoners seeking housing advice. Click here to read the full article on the London Evening Standard website read more →

31 Jan 2014
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4 in 10 young people become homeless by being asked to leave parent’s home

Homeless Link new research indicating that around 4 in 10 young people become homeless because their parents are no longer willing to house them. Click here to read the full article on the Homeless Link website Click here to read an article on the same topic on the Inside Housing website read more →

27 Jan 2014
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NSNO helps over 3,000 people into accommodation

Just seven days sleeping rough can lead to a spiral of addiction, alcohol and declining mental health, so rapid intervention is at the heart of the plan. Colin was helped by the No Second Night Out scheme, funded by the Mayor, which provides 24/7 outreach, needs assessment and advocacy. No individual can access services they’re.. read more →

25 Dec 2013
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Rough Sleeping Figures Uncovered

The general perception that homelessness is on the rise has been challenged by a recent set of statistics showing a reduction in the number of people sleeping rough on the streets of London. Thames Reach Communications Manager Mike Nicholas analyses the latest figures to see how many people really are sleeping rough in the capital.. read more →

24 Dec 2013
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NSNO helps 3,000 people into accommodation

Since NSNO – which is funded by the Mayor of London and delivered by the charity Broadway Homelessness and Support – was launched in April 2011, 80% of all new rough sleepers have not spent a second night out on the capital’s streets. As the scheme prepares to help more people over the winter months,.. read more →

19 Dec 2013
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Charities are reporting a worrying increase in the number of female rough sleepers.

Distressingly, homelessness is a growing problem for women. More than a quarter of residents at St Mungo’s is female, for instance. The charity estimates that one in ten rough sleepers in London is a woman. Click here to read the full article in The Independent read more →

14 Dec 2013
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Lives Less Ordinary

Hearing homeless people talk about their experiences of the ‘festive’ season makes you realise how lucky you are, says Jeremy Swain Click here to read Jeremy Swain’s (Chief Excutive for Thames Reach) blog from Inside Housing on how some homeless people have spend Christmas read more →

13 Dec 2013
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Connect Rough Sleepers via the Streetlink App

Members of the public are being urged to connect rough sleepers with support services via a new app, as the cold wintry months begin. The StreetLink app has already successfully helped 4,000 people living on the country’s streets – but people are being asked to be extra vigilant with a cold winter forecast. Click here.. read more →

10 Dec 2013
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Killing with Kindness

Most rough sleepers don’t beg and most beggars aren’t rough sleepers. Give your money to a relevant charity Jeremy Swain, chief executive of the London homelessness charity Thames Reach, has lately made the case again under the stark heading Killing with kindness.”I am fascinated by the impulses that lead us to give money to people.. read more →

09 Dec 2013
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The families offering a safe place for homeless youngsters

It’s about a year since the De Whalleys first welcomed a troubled teenager into their home: since then they have hosted about 10 more – usually, like tonight’s guest, it’s a young person who has left the family home after a row. “Sometimes the row is connected to the youngster coming out as gay, and.. read more →

30 Nov 2013
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