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06 Mar 2017

New benefit cut puts young people at risk of homelessness

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St Mungo’s response

The government has announced new benefit regulations that will restrict many young people aged 18-21 from claiming support for their housing costs through Universal Credit.

Howard Sinclair, Chief Executive, said in response to the announcement:

“At a time when rough sleeping is rising sharply, these regulations threaten to undermine efforts to prevent homelessness and will leave thousands of young people at serious risk of ending up on the streets.

“We have been asking the government not to implement these regulations, which work against the Prime Minister’s own commitments on homelessness. Despite the attempts to exclude some vulnerable people, experts across the homelessness sector have told ministers that they will damage the housing safety net that can prevent young people from becoming homeless in the first place. We call on government to reverse this harmful policy as a matter of urgency.”

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