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06 Jul 2018

New research exposes factors that lead to people returning to sleeping rough

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Today, St Mungo’s publishes peer led research outlining reasons why some people can find themselves sleeping rough after time away the streets.

The research team – many of whom had experienced homelessness and rough sleeping themselves – uncovered a range of interacting factors that stop people moving on from rough sleeping. Their report also emphasises the need to ensure the right housing is available, as well as the support people need to hang onto their home. The team will present its report at an event in Parliament today, 2 July.

Figures published last week on rough sleeping in London highlight the importance of this research. They revealed an 8% increase in people returning to rough sleeping, even though total numbers were down.

Almost one in six people (15%) seen sleeping rough in the capital in 2017/18 had returned to the streets after a gap of at least one year, a total of 1,119 individuals. This is the highest number and highest proportion of people returning to rough sleeping after some time away since this measure was first recorded on the CHAIN database of rough sleeping in London.

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