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30 Aug 2018

‘No DSS’: Five leading letting agents risk breaking discrimination law

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Five of England’s leading letting agents actively discriminate against tenants on housing benefit, according to anew report by Shelter and the National Housing Federation (NHF).

In an undercover investigation carried out by Mystery Shoppers Ltd. 149 regional letting agent branches were called by researchers posing as prospective tenants. A shocking one in ten had a branch policy not to let to anyone on housing benefit, regardless of whether they could afford the rent.

The research also exposes the wider uphill struggle faced by housing benefit tenants. Almost half (48%) of branches called said they had no suitable homes or landlords willing to let to someone on housing benefit.

Appalled by the findings, the two housing organisations have joined forces to urge letting agents and landlords to remove these bans, which they argue are both grossly unfair and likely to be unlawful.

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