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Jacob arrived at the NSNO west hub after one week rough sleeping in central London. Prior to then, he had lived with a partner for six months but had to leave after experiencing incidents of violence and abuse from. Jacob had historic substance use issues which he had tackled through a previous spell in detox, but he had started to use substances again again since becoming homeless. The stress of his previous housing situation had led to a voluntary hospital admission in the months preceding his homelessness, and Jacob was understandably concerned that his mental health and substance misuse issues might deteriorate further due to his lack of stable, safe accommodation.

Jacob was referred into the NSNO hub by Westminster outreach services and at the time of his referral he had no income and no plans as to how he might resolve his homlessness. He lacked ID or other documentation to help him start to address his situation. Following an assessment by NSNO, it seemed that Jacob would benefit froma  period of time in supported accommodation to enable him to address his support needs in a safe and supportive environment.

Staff supported Jacob to apply for a birth certificate and make a new benefits claim, while also exploring his eligibility for accommodation. NSNO eventually helped Jacob obtain historic Post Office bank account statements to evidence his local connection, and a referral to Westminster’s supported housing pathway led to Jacob being offered an assessment appointment at Passage House in Westminster. Jacob was accompanied to this assessment, and he was offered accommodation on the same day.

Jacob managed his mental health and substance misuse issues well with the support of staff and he also built positive relationships with other clients in the service.

Of his time at the hub, Jacob admits “it was very stressful and at times hard, but for me the hub was a positive experience. It was an experience and a half… the staff are brilliant.”

Jacob states that “since I’ve been in Passage House I haven’t used drugs at all. I am completely off them.” He is now looking forwards to the future and attending a course to obtain a customer service qualification as well as a Food Safety Level 2 award. Further, Jacob says that “I am now focused on moving into my own flat, which Passage House are going to help with”.