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‘Skeete Effect’

‘Skeete Effect’

Some clients wish to remain anonymous by using a pseudonym but are happy to have their story told on our site.

The Journey to NSNO

Skeete Effect found himself homeless after being released from prison.

“Being homeless was a new thing for me – confusing, scary, up in the air basically. Trust was out the window – I didn’t trust anyone anymore. My feelings towards everything changed. It’s a different world out there – at the end of the day it’s scary and dangerous.”

Skeete Effect had been told about StreetLink – the service that connects rough sleepers to local services – by a friend. He called StreetLink’s referral line and let them know where he was rough sleeping. StreetLink arranged for outreach workers to find Skeete Effect on the streets and they referred him into one of the NSNO Assessment Hubs.

“When I first got here I was wondering what I’d got myself into. Then I met one of the Assessment and Reconnection workers – they explained how they were going to help me and the process of what goes on at the hub: helping me look for housing, if I needed help with any substances, avenues of finding doctors and if I had mental illness they’d help with that too. Basically it was everything – this was the first place I signed on and had money and connected to the real world.”

Finding the right support

“The staff were understanding – they didn’t have pity like you’d think they would have – they didn’t look down on you like most people would – once people know you’ve been homeless they have a different way of looking at you – but I didn’t feel that way at NSNO – I felt like me.

Having a learning disability, mental health and an alcohol dependency finding the right housing took a little bit more time than usual. It was kind of challenge but the NSNO staff helped me out with everything. I wasn’t one of the easiest clients to be around most of the time – because of the frustrations – but the staff were more than supportive – if you needed someone to talk to there was always somebody here.”

Getting back on track

NSNO referred Skeete Effect into a supported accommodation project where he has his own flat and receives regular support from staff – he’s found this really helps. Now abstinent from alcohol having completed a detox programme he attends an alcohol service regularly for aftercare support. Skeete Effect is now taking courses in literacy and computer skills with Crisis, and in maths at his alcohol service.

“The NSNO staff changed my outlook on how to survive and I became a different person. Bad behaviours changed basically. I wanted a chance – but sometimes I acted like I didn’t want a chance or I didn’t deserve a chance. But the staff saw something in me and they persevered. It doesn’t matter who you are they try their hardest to the end.”