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05 May 2016

We need a change in the law to prevent homelessness and rough sleeping

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25 April 2016

St Mungo’s is calling for a change in the homelessness legislation to stop people with nowhere to live from being left to sleep on the streets.

A new report out today, The homelessness legislation: an independent review of the legal duties owed to homeless people, outlines the findings of an independent expert panel who assessed the strengths and weaknesses of current legislation in England. It recommends legislative changes in order to prevent and tackle homelessness more effectively.

Last year saw a 30% increase in people sleeping rough in England. On any one night, 3,569 people slept on the streets, up from 2,744 the previous year. The number has doubled since 2010.

Four in ten people sleeping rough have a mental health problem, and those who do are more likely to be stuck on the streets.

Read the full press release on the St. Mungo’s website

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